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ECO Resources Nominated for Infinity Award 2018

News Kristy Sumich • 27/01/2019

ECO Resources is proud to announce its nomination as a finalist in the Infinity Awards 2018.

The Infinity Awards acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Western Australians working towards a better waste future through improved waste practices and innovative waste solutions.

ECO is a finalist in Category 2: Avoid Recover Protect – Commercial and Industrial Waste Award.

Infinity Awards 2018
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The Infinity Awards

This event is organized by the Waste Authority of Western Australia, to recognize and celebrate innovative waste reduction and recycling initiatives. These awards aim to honour individuals, businesses, government, schools, and community organizations that demonstrate excellence and commitment to reducing waste and improving waste management practices.

The awards highlight pioneering projects and achievements that contribute to waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable waste management solutions in Western Australia.

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Kristy Sumich - Owner of Eco Resources
Kristy Sumich

Kristy Sumich is the owner and director of Eco Resources, a prominent waste management and recycling service in Western Australia. With deep industry knowledge and hands-on operational experience, Kristy is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions in waste management.