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WA Waste Levy Cap

News Kristy Sumich • 20/10/2023
wa waste levy cap

In a move to advance environmentally responsible waste management practices, the Western Australian Government is ushering in significant changes to its waste levy system. Environment Minister Reece Whitby recently announced that the state’s waste levy, which has remained unaltered since 2018, will undergo a controlled increase effective from July 1, 2024.

The introduction of a WA waste levy cap ensures the rate adjustments remain within a predefined limit, providing stability and predictability. Starting July 1, 2024, the waste levy rate in Western Australia will stand at $85 per tonne, marking the first increase in six years.

This measured adjustment, while in line with the WA waste levy cap, reinforces the government’s commitment to fostering a culture of waste reduction, reuse, and recycling. Minister Reece Whitby emphasised that the waste levy serves as a powerful tool to discourage the disposal of recoverable materials in landfills.

These revisions align with the broader objectives outlined in the state’s Waste Strategy 2030. The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has been diligently reviewing the levy structure, adapting it to meet evolving strategic goals and extending its geographic scope.

The rigorous review process ensures the robustness of the levy framework while respecting the parameters of the WA waste levy cap. Moreover, the department is committed to creating a transparent and predictable waste management landscape for local governments.

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This is achieved through the establishment of a five-year schedule of waste levy rates, a strategy designed to stimulate investments and job opportunities in the waste sector. This commitment to waste sector growth remains compatible with the WA waste levy cap.

The Western Australian waste levy, after remaining constant for six years, reflects the government’s unwavering dedication to achieving its waste management objectives while adhering to the established WA waste levy cap. Minister Reece Whitby further pledged to unveil a detailed schedule of waste levy rates in the years ahead, once the review of the levy’s scope and application is finalised.

This strategy offers insight into the government’s long-term vision for waste management and its commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Kristy Sumich - Owner of Eco Resources
Kristy Sumich

Kristy Sumich is the owner and director of Eco Resources, a prominent waste management and recycling service in Western Australia. With deep industry knowledge and hands-on operational experience, Kristy is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions in waste management.