Waste to Energy Project: Sustainable Waste Management in Kwinana

Category: News Posted on June 27, 2022
kwinana waste to energy project

The Kwinana Waste to Energy project is a joint venture between the Western Australian Government and Veolia. This project will cover the development of a new waste processing facility in Kwinana. 

The facility will use moving grate technology to process approximately 400,000 tonnes of waste. This will consist of municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste and/or pre-sorted construction and demolition waste. It’s expected to produce approximately 36 MW of baseload power for export to the grid per annum. 

Construction is expected to commence in early 2021, with the facility expected to be operational by mid-2022. The project will create up to 200 jobs during the construction phase and up to 20 full-time jobs once operational. 

It is anticipated that the facility will recover up to 95 per cent of the energy contained in the waste it processes. Making it a key component of Western Australia’s journey towards zero waste.

Kwinana Waste to Energy Project Location

The Kwinana Waste to Energy Project is located in the southern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. The area is home to a large number of industries, including a major oil refinery, steelworks, and chemical plants. 

As a result, there is a significant amount of industrial waste generated in the area. The Kwinana waste to energy plant will use this waste to generate electricity. 

The plant will be able to process up to 1.5 million tonnes of waste per year. Making it one of the largest waste-to-energy plants in Australia.

The project is expected to create up to 1000 jobs during construction and operation.

Project Update

The Kwinana waste to energy project was set to commence construction in 2018 but was ultimately stalled by Covid. The project, which was contracted to Acciona, would have seen the construction of a waste-to-energy plant in Kwinana, Western Australia. 

However, the outbreak of Covid-19 led to the closure of the state’s borders, preventing Acciona from proceeding with the project. As a result, Acciona has launched legal action to get out of its contract. 

A trial has been set to determine whether Western Australia’s Covid border rules are enough to be a reason to allow Acciona to exit the project. If Acciona is successful in its legal bid, the project will likely be delayed further, as a new contractor will need to be found.

ECO Resources Recycling Facility in Kwinana

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