Eco Accreditation Program

Become an ECO Accredited Recycler

ECO Resources is focused on maximising recycling and diversion of waste from landfill.

Our process and waste handling operations represent industry best practice for construction and demolition waste and our commitment to continuous improvement means customers are assured of best in class diversion and recycling rates.

ECO resources routinely audits its process to ensure outcomes meet the required minimum recycling rates and annual reviews are designed to maintain and improve upon diversion rates into the future.

Becoming an ECO Accredited Recycler means your business, whether builder or other waste generator is authorised to display the ECO accreditation logo on company documentation, advertising and social media. Being accredited shows your customers that you are serious about recycling and that at least 93% of all C&D waste generated by your project is being recycled.

Being an ECO Accredited Recycler could well provide your business with a tangible point of difference when tendering on works.

Ordering your ECO Accreditation Resources;

Approved ECO customers can request logos  and certificates for use on documentation, social media, posters and other advertising by completing the online form below. Note also that only waste generators can apply for ECO Accreditation