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Eco Accreditation Program

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The Eco Accreditation Program by ECO Resources is a comprehensive waste management accreditation initiative, empowering businesses and waste generators to become leaders in environmental sustainability.

By joining this program, participants commit to industry best practices in recycling and waste diversion. It’s ensuring their operations minimize environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Accredited members are authorized to showcase the ECO Accreditation logo, demonstrating their dedication to responsible waste management and recycling. They benefit from improved waste handling processes and access to recycled products for various community and building projects.

The Benefits of ECO Accreditation

Being part of the ECO Accreditation program means joining a growing number of like-minded companies, local councils, and other waste generators who are committed to minimising their impact on the environment. ECO Accredited Recyclers are recognized for their efforts in reducing environmental impact and are integral in helping Western Australia claim its place as one of the top recycling states in Australia.

Importantly, ECO Accreditation offers waste generators not only the ability to better control how their waste is handled but also how much they are charged for the recycling process. Additionally, we provide access to quality recycled products for reuse in building, social, or community projects. This approach turns waste into a valuable reusable commodity, demonstrating a tangible commitment to the environment.

Furthermore, ECO Accreditation helps eliminate the risks associated with uncertainty about waste handling. ECO Accredited Recyclers can be confident that their waste is managed in the most ethical and environmentally friendly way possible, minimizing reliance on landfills and maximizing recovery, recycling, and reuse.

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With a significant rise in unlicensed facilities, pop-up fill sites, and general stockpiling of construction and demolition waste in the Perth region, there’s an increasing need for vigilance. Waste generators must be fully aware of the waste handling process, from the point of generation to the final point of recycling or disposal. By joining up, ECO Accredited Recyclers have open access to a tracking process that identifies the whole life cycle of their waste.

Become an ECO Accredited Recycler

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Maximizing recycling rates
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Better control of your waste
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Eliminates risks associated with skip & waste companies
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Maximise returns for your recycled products
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Preserve your environment

ECO Accredited customers receive monthly reports outlining quantities of waste delivered to the recycling facility and showing recycling percentages by waste type (concrete, cardboard, sand, green waste, timber, etc).

Becoming an ECO Accredited Recycler means your business, whether a builder or other waste generator is authorised to display the ECO Accreditation logo on company documentation, advertising, and social media. Being accredited shows your customers that you are serious about recycling and that 93% – 97% of all C&D waste generated by your project is being recycled.

Eco Accreditation Program Certificate

ECO is recognised by the Housing Industry Association as a Regional Greensmart Partner. Our position as a finalist in the 2018 Waste Authority Infinity Awards further underlines our commitment to recycling. These accolades showcase our standing in the West Australian recycling community.

Being an ECO Accredited Recycler could well provide your business with a tangible point of difference when tendering on works.

Who can apply for ECO Accreditation? Only primary waste producers and waste management businesses can be approved as an ECO Accredited Recycler. Examples include Builders, demolition firms, construction, and waste management companies, mining, oil and gas operations, and local, state, and federal government operations.

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Setting Industry Standards

ECO Resources is focused on maximising recycling and diversion of waste from landfills. Our commitment to continuous improvement in this area ensures that our customers are assured of best-in-class diversion and recycling rates. Our process and waste handling operations represent industry best practices, particularly for construction and demolition waste.

To maintain these high standards, ECO routinely audits its processes. This ensures that outcomes meet the minimum required recycling rates, and annual reviews are conducted to maintain and further improve upon these diversion rates in the future.