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Eco Life

ECO Resources is dedicated to championing the communities in which we operate. Our commitment to the environment also encompasses our mission to help young individuals embrace the great outdoors.

ECO Life is a program tailored to empower young community members to access sports, community events, environmental services, and educational initiatives. Our program includes:

  • Supporting junior sporting teams through sponsorship.
  • Assisting in the development of junior sports coaching programs.
  • Boosting Programs for Youth Mentoring.
  • Extending support for youth sports scholarships.
  • Active involvement in environmental and community cleanup campaigns.
  • Creating and delivering engaging recycling education programs.

As Perth’s local waste management company, we are steadfast in our determination to provide support that fosters an understanding of the importance of the Recover, Recycle, Reuse philosophy among future generations. We achieve this by promoting awareness through enjoyable activities.