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Eco Safe

Safety is at the core of ECO Resources’ corporate culture. Our team members are fully dedicated to ensuring the safety of everyone affected by our operations, making sure that every person returns home safely each day.

Our commitment to safety permeates every aspect of our business, extending to our employees, contractors, and the communities we serve. We achieve this through a variety of awareness-building methods:

  1. Thorough reporting and follow-up on hazards and incidents.
  2. Engaging with our audience via social media.
  3. Conducting regular toolbox meetings.
  4. Providing continuous formal safety training.
  5. Running awareness campaigns directly at the operational level (including on our bins and trucks).
  6. Offering educational programs for schools in the area.

ECO Resources recognises the profound impact of waste management in Perth and how safe business practices can benefit our employees, contractors, and customers. Therefore, we make it a top priority to share our safety culture.

We collaborate closely with local waste disposal Perth to responsibly handle waste materials, ensuring that safety remains paramount in all aspects of our operations.