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ECO Resources is an eco-conscious company, firmly rooted in the principles of environmental enhancement. We’re committed to leading the way in landfill diversion and recycling, constantly seeking innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Our unwavering dedication to eco plus values drives our exceptional team of ‘recycling champions.’ We pledge to:

  • Prioritise environmental responsibility in all our endeavours, embodying the essence of ECO Plus.
  • Actively promote and embody the Company’s recycling philosophy, showcasing our commitment to the ECO plus approach.
  • Maintain a strong commitment to safety, both at work and in our personal lives.
  • Go above and beyond to exceed expectations in safety and environmental performance.
  • Contribute to the betterment of the environment in the communities where we operate.
  • Support and engage in educational initiatives aimed at nurturing environmental awareness among youth.

At ECO Resources, we aspire to set the gold standard for sustainable waste management solutions. Our unwavering dedication to continual improvement fuels our quest to uncover more efficient and effective recycling solutions.