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Perth Recycling Services

Get hassle-free Perth recycling services today. We offer high-quality services for customers looking for an easy and effective way to improve recycling performance, while also helping them with environmental compliance and control costs. Our recycling waste solutions are simple and efficient, providing an eco-friendly way to dispose of your recyclable waste and help reduce your impact on the environment. Step up your recycling efforts with Eco Resources today and help us work towards our goal of Zero Waste in Australia. Contact us for free contact us for a free consultation.

It doesn’t matter what waste you produce, be it residential, commercial, or industrial, all waste harms the environment. That’s why recycling companies in Perth, are so invested in waste management. By coming up with innovative recycling waste solutions, our team is helping to reduce pollution and ensuring that the environment is free from harmful chemicals.

Types of Recycling Services We Provide

At ECO Resources, we are committed to providing only the highest standard of Perth recycling services. Many different sectors are serviced including construction waste solutions, commercial, industrial, municipal, mining, gas, and oil. We focus on sorting, reusing, and reducing the volume of Construction and Demolition waste that is sent to landfills. Here are some of the waste streams that are currently accepted by our facility:

  • Construction & Demolition Waste (eg. Bricks, Concrete, Sand, Tiles, Steel, etc)
  • Greenwaste, Timber, Wood products, and pallets (excluding MDF and treated woods)
  • Tyres
  • Plastics
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plasterboard
  • Metals – Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
  • Polystyrene
  • Piping, tubing, and other PVC products
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Environmental and Economic Benefits of Recycling

Perth recycling services and effective waste management have numerous benefits for both the environment and the economy.

Environmental benefits

Conserve resources – Our planet has a limited amount of resources and we are currently extracting materials at an unsustainable rate. Certain types of waste contain valuable materials that can be harvested or in some cases entirely recycled. This puts less strain on our planet and reduces the need for harmful mining practices.

Reduce emissions – Recycling is much less energy-intensive than extracting and processing raw materials. This, in turn, means that less pollution will be produced by factories which can have a significant impact in the long run.

Limit landfill size – Landfills may be necessary, but they are not particularly good for the environment. By limiting the amount of waste that will enter them, you will increase the time it takes to fill and thereby decrease the negative environmental impacts.

Economic benefits

Save money – The biggest economic benefit of recycling waste solutions is that it costs less money to produce than creating brand-new products. This means that recycled products can benefit the economy more effectively, not to mention the reduced need for land rehabilitation and reforestation.

Cash for cans – Many states provide a cash incentive for recycling. 10c per bottle may not seem like much on its own but by collecting all your bottles and exchanging them at once you could save a significant amount.

More jobs – Going green creates more employment opportunities as waste is circulated repeatedly rather than being thrown away after a single use. Waste handling solutions and jobs at a local recycling facility can create up to 4 times more jobs than waste disposal in Perth does.

We take the hassle out of waste disposal!

By using the services of ECO Resources, you are not only saving time and money, but you are also helping to save the environment. We are one of the top recycling companies and we make sure that services like waste collection in Perth are available cheaply and efficiently. All waste we collect is sorted rigorously to ensure that all potential materials are recycled. For top-quality waste management in Perth, contact ECO Resources today.