About Us

100% West Australian owned and operated, ECO Resources provides a range of integrated waste handling solutions. Each offering is interconnected, contributing to our holistic approach to sustainability.

Premier C&D Recycling Business

One of ECO‘s proudest achievements is being Perth’s premier construction and demolition waste recovery facility and the biggest recycling company.

It boasts some of the State’s highest landfill diversion rates and produces quality by-products used by many industries and companies.

Customers and prospective customers alike are often surprised to learn where our recovered products turn up. Many households, construction sites, land development and major government municipal projects include products that contain recovered and recycled construction waste

ECO provides an environmentally and economically sustainable outlet for many of Perth’s large and small waste generators and skip bin operators. ECO strives to provide a zero-waste handling solution today, not tomorrow and aims to prove that being green IS all that it’s cracked up to be. Just let us show you how and reach us for more details.

ECO divert thousands of cubic metres of waste destined for the landfill every day. We currently have recycled more than 95% of all waste delivered to our facility and are constantly increasing recovery rates at our sites through improved methods and technologies.

Transfer Station & Recycling Facility

ECO’s Hope Valley/Kwinana waste recovery and transfer facility is strategically located to accept waste from right across the Perth metropolitan and surrounding areas. Regarded as Perth’s leading multi-user construction and demolition waste recovery and recycling facility, ECO services a growing number of Western Australia’s large and small waste disposal companies.

The industry today is throwing up many challenges and ECO is meeting the challenge by promoting an integrated approach to waste management recycling, one which draws on synergies from within and those of strategic partners. With their assistance, we aim to establish ‘resource management partnerships’ which will offer our clients collective expertise on recycling opportunities, cleaner production, best practices, state-of-the-art technologies, environmental solutions stewardship and regulatory compliance.

ECO’s facility currently accepts and recycles the following basic waste streams:

  • Bricks, concrete, sand, tiles and other construction/demolition waste
  • Tyres, rubber products
  • Timber, pallets, wood products, green waste and garden waste MDF, cardboard, plastics, strapping
  • Metals of any type
  • Gyprock & Plasterboard
  • Polystyrene, PVC piping, insulations & tubing

Learn more about our waste transfer station.

Investment in Waste Recovery & Sorting Facilities

Key to ECO’s continuous growth is its ongoing investment in automation and productivity improvements. The ECO team soon discovered that smaller businesses can compete with large businesses by being swifter, more agile, and responding to change faster. New technology improves operational efficiency, decreases human error and ultimately improves safety.

ECO’s investment in new technology and systems is geared to;

  • Improving interaction with customersECO is committed to focusing on the customer experience, from the point of order to final outcome of service provision
  • Improving speed – Investment in technology improves speed, and automation reduces manual and labour-intensive work and simplifies tasks and processes.
  • Increasing productivity – Investment in technology at the right time doesn’t just improve speed but it improves employee productivity and makes our business more efficient.
  • Delivering a competitive edge – A key reason for investing in technology is to provide our business with a competitive advantage.
waste handling solutions process

Waste Management Audits

ECO’s waste handling advisers are available to attend your site and are qualified to carry out detailed and independent waste management audits. An ECO waste management auditor will review your business’s waste handling solutions requirements and provide integrated solutions designed to minimize customer exposure to both the physical and financial aspects of managing waste.

ECO’s audit experts can assist you in pinpointing areas of waste management recycling on your site that need improvement, helping you to implement a comprehensive and sustainable waste management recycling program that will save your business time and money.

ECO’s waste handling advisers can provide information on any waste stream.

Learn more about our waste management audit.

We can also assist with the following environmental solutions management services:

  • On-site total waste management services, site audits & assessments
  • Waste collection – skip, front lift, hook lift, rear lift, flatbed, and bulk liquid
  • Solid waste management & kerbside collections
  • Construction & demolition (C&D) waste
  • Recycling services and landfill management
  • E-waste recovery and recycling
  • Contaminated site remediation
  • Hazardous waste management