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Waste Management Audit

At Eco Resources, we conduct waste management audits, a key step in fostering sustainable waste management practices in Western Australia.

These audits are essential for enhancing your business’s efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring your company aligns with the region’s objectives for a circular economy.

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At Eco Resources, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable waste management practices that not only drive efficiency, cost savings, and environmental care but also align with Western Australia’s targets for a circular economy.

Our dedication goes beyond just audits, we are committed to understanding and minimizing waste production. We ensure that our approach is not only comprehensive but also contributes significantly to environmental stewardship.

By incorporating waste audits into our strategy, we ensure a comprehensive approach to achieving our goals and contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

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Waste Management Auditing Process

Our process follows these strategic steps:

1. Setting up a Team

  • Establish a dedicated team or designate a responsible person for the waste audit.
  • Involve every department within your organisation, ensuring comprehensive engagement and connectivity throughout the business.

2. Scheduling the Audit

  • Choose a strategic time, preferably a week or a few days during normal business operations.
  • Opt for a less busy period to minimise disruptions and obtain an accurate representation of typical waste volumes.

3. Conducting the Audit

  • Characterise and quantify waste streams, assessing contamination rates for an in-depth understanding.
  • Identify opportunities for waste diversion, and source reduction, and assess the effectiveness of existing waste management systems.
  • Provide a baseline for reporting and benchmarking against industry standards.

4. Improvements Analysis

  • Uncover ways to enhance the efficiency of your waste management systems.
  • Unlock wasted revenue, save costs, and streamline processes based on audit insights.

5. Waste Management Plan

  • Develop a customised waste management plan post-audit, incorporating findings and stakeholder input.
  • Include measures for waste avoidance, minimisation, and recycling to drive sustainable practices within your organisation.

It is our recommendation to conduct waste audits bi-annually for optimal value.

Benefits of ECO‘s Waste Management Audit

Eco Resources stands tall as a leading provider of waste management solutions in WA. Our waste-handling advisers bring extensive qualifications and capabilities to conduct detailed waste audits.

Partnering with ECO for waste management audits comes with significant advantages. Experience potential cost savings, efficient waste handling, and improved sustainability.

Our solutions adapt to various waste streams, ensuring a commitment to eco-friendly practices. Choose ECO for a smarter, greener waste management approach.

Join ECO on the journey towards a circular economy, where waste becomes a valuable resource.

Contact us today for a waste management audit that transforms your environmental impact and business bottom line.

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