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Coastal Waste

Collections, Logistics and Waste Removal

Coastal Waste is the collections, logistics and general waste removal division of the ECO Resources group.

Established in 2005, Coastal Waste has been providing quality waste management solutions including skip bins, recycling, hazardous waste and a range of industrial and other services in Perth, Fremantle, Rockingham, Mandurah and surrounding areas for over 13 years.

Coastal Waste has grown through strategic acquisition and now boasts one of the largest privately-owned fleets of waste collection trucks, ranging from skip trucks, hooklift trucks, front lift trucks and liquid waste units.

With access to over 2,000 bins of all sizes across Perth and the South West, Coastal Waste has the capacity to service any size project, large or small in either metropolitan or remote locations.

Our core objective is to minimise the amount of waste that is taken to landfill by recycling as much as possible. Coastal Waste is able to achieve market leading environmental outcomes for its customers, through careful segregation of recyclable waste streams, processing and ultimately manufacture of a reusable by-product which is then delivered to customers for use in new building projects.

As part of the ECO Resources group, Coastal Waste has a distinct advantage over most of its competitors as it has access to in-house waste handling facilities across three locations;

  • Perth & SW Corridors – ECO Resources – Wattleup, Kwinana, Henderson, Fremantle
  • Perth Northern Corridor – ECO North – Carabooda Transfer – Joondalup, Wanneroo, Swan Valley
  • South West – Premium Waste Management – Transfer, Recycling and Landfill Operations – Waroona, Pinjarra, Mandurah

Coastal Waste’s ability to access in-house transfer, recycling and landfill means pricing is ultra-competitive, overheads kept to a minimum and of course devoid of any margin on margin pricing adopted by waste management companies that are only able to provide the collections component of the waste management service chain. With increasing focus on environmental regulation, through the use of safe, efficient and modern equipment on our licensed premises, Coastal Waste is able to achieve exceptional levels of compliance.

The vision at Coastal Waste is to provide exceptional service without compromising value for our customers, the safety and welfare of our employees, or the environment while continuously seeking out opportunities to improve landfill avoidance practices and maintaining our focus on compliance.
Waste Removal - Waste Collection Perth
Coastal Waste services a wide range of industry sectors including the domestic, construction, chemical manufacturing, heavy engineering industry sector and much more. We offer the very best skip bin hire in Perth (North and South), Rockingham, and Mandurah – including cheap skip bin hire options, rubbish removal, and recycling.

With a modern and growing fleet, including some of the latest model trucks in the industry and a range of skip bins, hook lift bins and other specially designed bins to suit the needs of our customers, Coastal Waste is able to provide solutions, regardless of the waste type.

The graphic below provides a snapshot of Coastal Waste’s collections fleet

Equipment Type, Capacity / Size Location Quantity
Skip Truck / Marrell Truck (15m3) Perth / SW 16
Skip Truck / Marrell Truck (9m3)) Perth / SW 6
Hooklift Truck Unit (30m3) Perth / SW 4
Front Lift Truck Unit (20m2)) Perth / SW 3
Flat Bed Truck Unit (8 tonne) Perth / SW 2

Skip Bin Services

Coastal Waste is one of Perth’s leading skip bins service providers. We operate a wide range of bin capacities to suit projects of every size and type. Whether you are clearing out your garage, demolishing a house or building a highway or high rise apartment complex, you can rely on us to provide a bin type that will suit your needs.

Skip bins (also known as Marrell bins) use a lift on/lift off system that offers a versatile single bin system. Skip bins are ideal for difficult to get to locations and are commonly used both for home waste and construction solutions due to their flexible loading and unloading functionalities. Coastal Waste has a large modern fleet of skip bins, designed to make rubbish removal simple and cleaning and clearing of bins easier. Skips have drop down doors allowing easy access and we can also provide customised skip bin applications dependent on customer requirements and job scope.
Waste Removal - Waste Collection Perth

Hook Lift Bin Services

Coastal Wastes Hooklift bin service and wide range of waste compactors provide an excellent solution for management of large volumes of waste and recycling.

Having a Hooklift bin or compactor onsite can help you reduce waste transportation costs and increase waste management efficiencies. Hooklift bin collections can be scheduled to suit operational requirements and are also available on request for large one-off volumes of waste and recycling. As part of our waste management audit program, Coastal Waste works closely with customers to assess optimal operational waste management requirements and design a total waste management solution for your business.

Hooklift Bins

Coastal Waste operates a Hooklift bin system that is ideal for customers with large volumes of solid waste that is not suitable for compaction.
Waste Removal - Waste Collection Perth
General waste and recycling Hooklift bin systems are available, bins are generally stored onsite and have capacity for large amounts of waste and recycling.

Coastal Waste has a large range of Hooklift bin sizes available, enabling safe, easy depositing of waste through walk in doors and large open tops. Hooklift bins can be compartmentalised allowing disposal onsite separation of waste streams and reducing manual handling risk. Due to the large size of our Hooklift bins, safety can be further improved on sites through reduced traffic movement. In addition Coastal Waste’s automated tarping system fitted to all vehicles means reduced risk of airborne waste or “load shifting”.

Hooklift bins are ideal for;

  • Large volumes of commercial and industrial wastes
  • Bulky waste, large non-compactable waste and recyclable materials
  • Recyclable and non-recyclable waste
  • Businesses with enough space to store the bin onsite
  • Construction and manufacturing industries, shopping centres and hospitals

Solution Creators

In addition to solid and general waste bins, Coastal Waste can arrange for specialised bulk bins such as, liquid waste containers, sealed quarantine bins and containers for regulated or hazardous waste. Our technical waste team is happy to work with customers to design the perfect waste receptacle to suit individual needs whilst delivering the most cost effective, and operationally efficient solution.

Front Lift Services

Where there is a need for an ongoing waste collection Perth, Coastal Waste can schedule a tailor-made front lift compaction waste removal program for all types of industry and business.

The front lift compaction bin is the most economical and convenient system to date for ongoing rubbish removal and recycling, from low volume user to weekly or daily waste removal needs. These general waste and recycling bins remain on your site and provide a neat and compact solution to store waste and recyclables between collections. The Front Lift system is suitable for the collection and disposal of most types of light industrial and commercial waste and recyclables. These bins come in three sizes. 1.5 cubic metre front lift bin. 3 cubic metre front lift bin. 4.5 cubic metre front lift bin. They all have options to include lockable spring loaded steel or plastic lids and castors for easy movement.

Coastal Waste’s Front Lift Service is suitable for the collection and disposal of most types of light industrial and commercial waste including:

  • Food waste
  • General light waste
  • Dry non-hazardous waste
  • Cardboard, paper and plastic recycling

Coastal Waste can provide locks for security of bins, plus flexible scheduled collections to suit your requirements. Front Lift bins are designed for easy loading with spring loaded safety lids optional, in addition our bins are designed with a variety of castor options for easy maneuverability* and easy cleaning. Coastal Waste can arrange on site pressure cleaning of all bins and equipment.

As part of the ECO Resources Group, you can be sure that your waste will be put through a rigorous sorting, segregation and recycling system designed to ensure maximum recovery of reusable product, minimum possible reliance on landfill and best overall outcome for the environment.

Waste Removal - Waste Collection Perth