City of Melville Continues it Commitment to Zero Waste

News Posted by Kristy Sumich on 19/02/2020

The city of Melville Continues its Commitment to Zero Waste

We are pleased to announce that the City of Melville has reaffirmed its commitment to processing and recycling by awarding a two-year contract
for processing and recycling of all operational waste materials to ECO Resources.

The City of Melville has a long history of recycling having utilised ECO Resources facilities for both processing and recycling of waste and also the supply of recyclable materials for use in construction projects around the City.

The two-year contract includes several options and is one of several local government contracts mobilised at ECO Resources in 2020.

Budi Sumich Director at ECO Resources said “Trust and commitment from local government underline the level of continuous improvement at ECO. We are striving to improve service to all customers through increased recycling activities and waste streams and truck turnaround times in turn increasing customer logistics efficiency.”